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Efren Gonzalez born in Ajijic.
A prodigious painter in all media,
 particularly in oil, watercolor,
 pastel and acrylic.
Efren participed in the famous
Neill James art program in Ajijic.
Studied with Antonio
 Cardenas, international painter
 B.R. Kline, watercolorist Luis
Eduardo Gonzalez, sculptor Kent
Clark and etchist Juan Navarro.

Efren is know equally well known as a painter on canvas as well as a muralist.
One of the few Ajijic born artist,
Efren was inspired and taught by the local
Neil James Art Education Program
during his childhood.
Before becoming a full time painter
in the early nineties,
he works his way doing odd jobs from waiting
tables to translating.
Were his first steps towards oil painting,
his prefered medium.
13 years ago,he does his first mural in Ajijic School
to be followed by many of Ajijic's best known murals.
Efren when painting,life as he see it around him
in his beloved Mexico:light,life,people,aninal and landscapes.
His murals however,seem to be more
They contain some of the messages he receives,
partly from the past,partly from myth and history
and wich he translates into our present.
using the rich repertoire of
his imagination and palette.

Marcos Castellanos # 7
Ajijic Jalisco
Tel: 01 (376) 7665381
Cel: 045- 33828 1916

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